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TThe International Society for Horticultural Science  have published the Proceedings of the 2nd InternationalSymposium on Edible Alliaceae. c

TGrowing Great Garlic
  The definitive guide by Ron Engelandc



Dr Sakai Odourless Garlic (September 2005)
It's nearly 20 years since Dr Sakai launched odourless garlic. His process claims to maintain the original flavour and strength of the garlic yet get rid of the garlic 'after breath' that some people find unpleasant. First reported in World Food News in 1987 the product was made in Japan and under license in the USA. The inventor, Dr Isao Sakai, describes a simple process of soaking the garlic in a mixture of natural silica and organic plant extracts which, it is claimed, disrupts the mechanism that leads to the production of the sulphur compounds responsible for garlic breath. More here ....

Taipei Farmers Protest at Garlic Prices
Some 300 garlic farmers from Yunlin descended on Government offices in Taipei yesterday to protest at what they said was the government's "suppression of the price of domestic garlic." The Director of the Department of Food and Agriculture, Huang You-tsai, said that garlic had been released from store because two typhoons had inundated the country with torrential rain over the past two weeks causing vegetable prices to skyrocket.
Full story: Taipei Times              

Indian Garlic Exports Expand
India is the third largest producer of garlic after China and South Korea. Indian production in 2004 was around 500,000 tonnes from 120,000 hectares but, because of import restrictions very little was being exported to neighbouring countries . Now with improvements in local politics exports to Pakistan and Bangladesh have accelerated away and targets for the current year have already been exceeded.
Full story The Hindu Business Line

Garlic Curing and Storing

A recent article in a local US newspaper, The Great Falls Tribune, offered some good advice for garlic growers on how to cure and store their new crop. Read on
To see garlic being cured on a larger scale have a look at photographs from our last visit to Spain or visit the Hungarian site of Gyakorlati-Agroforum.

Natural methods of drying garlic (courtesy of Gyakorlati-Agroforum)

Pyruvate as a Measure of Garlic Strength

The measurement of pyruvic acid as an indicator of pungency and flavour in both onions and garlic has been employed by a number of workers. The experimental technique employed in this method is a modification of the technique described by Schwimmer et al in which filtered onion juice is reacted with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine and where the resulting dinitrophenylhydrazones are measured colorimetrically. Read full report

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