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The region of La Mancha in Spain is famous for both wine and garlic production. Our visit to this huge plateau in south-eastern Spain was centred on the town of La Roda, approximately 120 miles west of Valencia. Garlic is grown in vast open fields on very stony soil. Water for irrigation is pumped up from deep wells and applied to the crop through huge moving irrigation booms imported from the USA. Fertilizers are dosed into the irrigation water at the well head. The booms revolve once or twice a day irrigating up to 100 hectares per revolution - one is just visible on the left of the first photograph.
The ridged garlic is lifted by an undercutting attachment fitted to a tractor. The tracking and depth of the attachment are constantly adjusted by the operators to ensure minimum damage to the crop. Bunches of garlic are collated at the back of the lifter and transferred via tractor and trailer to the packing sheds where they are dried in the sun.
Once dried, the leaves, stalks and outer wrappers are removed by machine and the bulbs pass onto the grading lines for final sorting and packing to outer cases.